Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future


I haven't posted a damn thing since December 2007 and I feel pretty bad about that. Life has been busy--I know you are busy too-- and I am well aware that "busy" isn't an excuse. Please, rest assured that Chive Talk is alive! To quote my friend David, "Chive Talk is like a bird singing in my ribs."

My dear friend, Jodi Rhoden, has been kicking some serious ass on her blog My Life In Cake! She has inspired me to write to my heart's content about chives and the world beyond. I make no promises, chive lovers, but I hope to be a little more dedicated to this blog in the future.

All the love,
Chive Talk


Short Street Cakes said...

Go Chivetalk, Go! goddam, i miss you so bad. happity hoppity birthday in two days! i love you blubber blubber. howz the life of you and k-dawg? xo

Tiki Chris said...