Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays!

From Our Table to Yours
The holiday season is a spectacular time to experiment with chives. Chives dress-up any event and make a lasting impression on family and friends alike. This year we are stuffing more than stockings! The Stuffed Chive Turkey will be stuffing faces at our holiday feast. Why not try a Stuffed Chive Turkey for your holiday dinner? All it takes is a turkey and a little imagination.
Remember chives make a meal!

For the Chive Lover who has Everything
Well, almost everything. The great folks from have the perfect gift for the chive lover in your life....The Chive Pot. You are certainly the master gardener when you have The Chive Pot in your shed. This fetch
ing gift set has everything you need to grow your own chives! The set includes a ceramic pot, seeds, compost, and a set of instructions for the novice. Won't the folks at work be impressed when you introduce them to the world of home grown chives? The Chive Pot is only a click

Eyes on the Future
2007 is fast approaching and like any chive enthusiast, we have our sights set on the future--it's where we will spend the rest of our lives. We will be updating this blog on a more regular basis and there will be a spotlight on reader participation. That means you chive lover! See you in 2007!

Happy Holidays from Chive Talk!


Anonymous said...
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Tiki Chris said...

What a thoughtful comment! You can tell this person is a true chive lover and sincerely appreciates your blogging efforts.